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Korea needs to combat weak yen
The Korean economy has undergone three booms and busts over the last 29 years, during which the Japanese yen has played a critical role.  Past data shows that without exception, a strong yen powered the Korean economy while a weak yen dampened....

Chang-sup Lee,
Korea Times


Hyundai's Gangnam-style land deal
Chung Mong-koo, 75, is one of a few second-generation Korean tycoons who have outshone their companies' founding fathers.  Chung made the Hundai empire that his father, Chung Ju-yung built, several times larger and more profitable.  The chairman ....

Chang-sup Lee,
Korea Times


Political parties to gain little from NLL dispute
The lateset Gallup poll shows that ideological disputes have pulled down approval ratings of political parties.  The approval rating for the conservative governing Saenuri Party has fallen by 4 points to 37 pervcent in June.  Similarly, the rating for the ....

Chang-sup Lee,
Korea Times


Korea's Biggest Investor to Find Its Voice to Improve Corporate Governance
National Pension Service, South Korea’s biggest investor, said its days as a passive investor are coming to an end and that it will begin raising its voice to improve corporate governance and the value of its shareholdings....

Saeromi Shin,
Bloomberg News


Samsung's Lee Shifts Strategy in Challenge to Apple
About an hour south of Seoul, bulldozers are demolishing the last vacant factories at Samsung Electronics Co.’s Suwon campus, erasing signs that South Korea’s most valuable public company once made its headquarters in a....

Yoolim Lee,
Bloomberg News


Mobius says South Korean Policies May Change North
South Korean President Lee Myung Bak’s measures against North Korea may accelerate change and help to open up the communist country “in the long run,” according to Mark Mobius.The probability of war between the nations is "quite low" even as tensions have escalated...

Seyoon Kim,
Saeromi Shin,
Bloomberg News


Local Brokerage Houses Embrace Global Business Culture
It seems that the spring has come to the financial market first. Cho In-kang, the director general of the Financial Services Commission's Capital Markets Bureau, looked pleased when he came to the podium for a press briefing on March 24. As a man whose job is to take care of South ...

Cho, Jin-seo,


Korea Beating Japan as Won Buoys Nation Led by Hyundai
Yoon Sun Duk says people called him “crazy” when he expanded his factory just as the financial crisis hit South Korea. His decision helps explain why the nation is at the forefront of the global recovery.  "We told ourselves there will be a tsunami of orders once the global recession is ....

Seyoon Kim,
Bloomberg News

2009.12.10 Bank of Korea Raises 2010 GDP Growth Forecast to 4.6%
South Korea’s economy will expand in 2010 at the fastest pace in three years as a pickup in the global economy boosts demand for the nation’s goods, the central bank said today.  Gross domestic product will increase 4.6 percent next year, from a July forecast of 3.6...
Seyoon Kim,
Bloomberg News
2009.03.17 Hyundai Canada puts Toyota in the crosshairs
A nearby window is streaked with horizontal rain from a wicked fall storm that is whipping up frothy whitecaps in the deep channel of water separating the Lower Mainland of British Columbia from Vancouver Island. Yet here at a coffee bar inside a swaying B.C. ferry, a very...
Jeremy Cato,
The Globe and Mail


Choppy Seas in Overseas Markets
European markets swooned amid worries that the region's central banks wouldn't follow the Federal Reserve's lead. A weak start on Wall Street also hurt. ....

A Wall Street Journal News Roundup


Asia's Relief Rally Masks Lasting Worry Over a U.S. Pullback
Asian stocks rallied Wednesday, following the U.S. Federal Reserve's unexpected rate cut. But the effervescent trading session didn't give much joy to large institutional investors, which worry the U.S. consumer is going to stay spooked by a possible recession and cut back ....

Hayashi -  Wall St. Journal


Hub Plan Becomes Hollow Slogan
The government unveiled a series of ambitious measures to turn the country into an international financial center over the past few years but the hub dream has become a hollow slogan, many international analysts say. ....

Lee Hyo-sik,
Korea Times


Korea Stock Rally Shows A Different Picture
For years, investors in the South Korean stock market looked at shares of its biggest companies, such as Samsung Electronics and Hyundai Motor, to get a feel for the whole.....

Evan Ramstad,
The Wall Street Journal


Power Shifts Toward Financial Industry
Financial and manufacturing industries are the two engines powering a country's economic growth. In South Korea, the financial sector has been viewed as a supplementary engine for the manufacturing industry. From textile to shipbuilding....

Yoon Ja-young,
Korea Times


For Korea, Free Trade and Fatter Multiples
Among the myriad rivalries that energize and bedevil Asia is the one between Japan and South Korea, which go head-to-head in global export markets. The perception for years was that Korea ate Japan's lunch, but lately Korean exporters have been tormented by the high won. Japan...

Leslie P. Norton,


Hyundai Motor Risks Crashing as Chairman Chung Faces Jail Time
The embezzlement trial of Chung Mong Koo, chairman of Hyundai Motor Co., prolonged the carmaker's worst strike, slowed construction of factories and delayed. ....

Seonjin Cha,
Bloomberg News


Lone Star's Short Faces Extradition to South Korea
Lone Star Funds co-founder Ellis Short faces an extradition request by South Korean prosecutors after a Seoul court issued a warrant seeking his detention over the buyout firm's management of the nation's fifth-largest bank.....

Sangim Han and William Sim,
Bloomberg News


Investors fidgety over Lone Star flap
Financial industry representatives here on Wall Street voiced their concern yesterday over the chilling effects a prosecution investigation into Lone Star Funds executives might have on Korea as an investment target. ....

Nam Jeong-ho, Joongang Daily


Bribery Probe May Halt Hyundai Motor's Drive to Top 5
A bribery scandal hanging over Hyundai Motor Co. Chairman Chung Mong Koo and his son, Kia Motors Corp. President Chung Eui Sun, is hindering their plans to become one of the world's top five automakers by 2010.....

Heejin Koo, Bloomberg News


Korean Won Rally May Run Longer As Investors Pile In
South Korean officials declare the country's currency is overvalued, and some analysts are predicting an end to the won's sharp ascent. But a number of investors in Korea and around the world are taking the contrarian view.....

Laura Santini,
The Wall Street Journal


Samsung Electronics' P/E Ratio Gets a Lift From Korean Investors
Samsung Electronics is likely to outstrip International Business Machines this year as the world's largest technology company by revenue.....

Evan Ramstad,
The Wall Street Journal


The Korea Rally Has Legs
For years, Korean stocks have labored under the "Korea discount," reflecting fear that North Korea would launch a nuclear strike against the South and the reality that Corporate Korea treated minority shareholders shabbily.....

Leslie P. Norton, Barron's


The Only Way is Up
It is one of those moments when you nearly drop your coffee cup. The moment takes place in the Yoido Offices of Daewoo Securities. Kim Hee Joo, who is in charge of marketing equity installment funds to nation's other Mr and Mrs Kims, offers his own personal forecast of the Kospi. . .

Steven Irvine, FinanceAsia Magazine


Hyundai's Toyota Obsession Fuels Drive to Pass DaimlerChrysler
To get to Hyundai Motor Co.'s research center in Namyang, 30 miles (48 kilometers) southwest of Seoul, you drive past long stretches of rain-swollen rice paddies and concrete-block shacks. Those images of South Korea's impoverished past fade when you reach the...

John Lippert and Yunsuk Lim, Bloomberg News


SK Corp. Chairman is Sentenced to Five Years Probation
In ruling Friday to suspend the three-year sentence of the head of South Korea's largest oil refiner for a $1.2 billion accounting fraud, Korea's highest court lost an opportunity to demonstrate that authorities are taking seriously calls to improve management and....

Laura Santini,
The Wall Street Journal


DPM Han conducts IR Activities in New York on May 8-10, 2005
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economy Han Duck-soo led an investor road show in New York from May 8 to 10, 2005 which included delivering a speech to and engaging in interaction with members of the Council on Foreign Relations, visits to credit rating agencies...



SK Corp. Chairman is Sentenced to Five Years Probation
In ruling Friday to suspend the three-year sentence of the head of South Korea's largest oil refiner for a $1.2 billion accounting fraud, Korea's highest court lost an opportunity to demonstrate that authorities are taking seriously calls to improve management and corporate governance...

Laura Santini,
The Wall Street Journal


The Next Toyota?
Robert Cosmai, The Chief OF Hyundai Motor America, can hardly wait for May 20 to arrive.  That's the date of the official opening of Hyundai's Montgomery, Ala., plant -- the ambitious South Korean car maker's first production facility in...

Leslie P. Norton,

2005.03.16 Despite Pressure, Samsung Resists Changing Its Ways
At Samsung Electronics Co.'s boisterous annual meeting last year, a shareholder suggested the company's chairman should step down. In response, Samsung's chief executive officer lost his cool."  Just how many shares do you have?" Yun Jong Yong...
Evan Ramstad, The Wall Street Journal

Samsung Electronics Hears New Plea
Samsung Electronics Co. directors again face a conflict between the company's shareholders and its founders, after a credit-card company led by the founding family asked for more cash to cope with consumers who won't pay their bills.  The infusion is the third in two years sought...

Evan Ramstad, The Wall Street Journal
2004.05.03 Samsung Lobbies Seoul to Lift Curb On Voting Power
Samsung Electronics Co. is, by many analysts' reckoning, one of the most-profitable manufacturing companies on the planet. The South Korean giant is expected to rake in more than $10 billion in net income this year, or about double what it earned in 2003, as it cranks...
Hae Won Choi,
The Wall Street Journal

Investors Like Look Of Samsung; Praising Phones' Design
Some might consider South Koreans wanting in cell phone etiquette. They answer their phones in restaurants and theaters, and sing along to karaoke piped through their handsets, and the nation's president used cell phone text messages to reach voters. But the country's...

Mike Angell,
2003.11.03 Full Steam Ahead Is Expected For Korean Shipping Business
Investors who have held shares in South Korea's shipping companies and shipbuilders throughout this year have had pleasant sailing. And some analysts believe the winds will remain favorable in 2004.  The overall Korean market has been one of Asia's weakest...
Kimberly Song, The Wall Street Journal


Restructurings Could Help Transparency in South Korea
The South Korean corporate sector might have finally hit upon on a feasible way to improve its lackluster corporate governance and transparency. The plan: Tidy up the complex web of cross-shareholdings among the country's sprawling conglomerates, or chaebols, into neat...

Kimberly Song, The Wall Street Journal


Over to You, MSCI
How does one classify an emerging market? As a rule of thumb many people classify an emerging market as a country where you don’t think twice about taking a taxi from the airport. However, such an approach is unlikely to impress Morgan Stanley Capital International – better known...

Steven Irvine,
FinanceAsia Magazine