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Korea Fund Rebounds on Tech Holdings
The long-running Korea International Investment Fund, which invests in listed Korean equities, gained 13.74% in February, fuelled by a rally of KOSDAQ tech names in its portfolio.  The rebound for the 21-year old Cayman-registered fund, which is run by New.....

HedgeFund Intelligence


International Investment Advisers' Seggerman on Finding Growth Stocks 
Henry Seggerman, chief investment officer of International Investment Advisers’ Korea International Investment Fund, spoke to Bloomberg’s Nathaniel Baker about his investment pool, which is the oldest hedge fund in Korea.  The strategy has returned an average...

Nathaniel Baker,
Bloomberg Brief


South Korea's retail investors make market waves with wrap fervor
Henry Seggerman has spent two decades investing in 
South Korea and over the years he has seen his fair share of market quirkiness. But when he heard about the princes and princesses, he was amazed.....

Vikram Subhedar,


Korea "Screaming Buy" after Selloff, Seggerman Says
South Korean stocks are a “screaming buy” and set to rebound 25 percent from a selloff triggered by tension with the North and concern over Europe’s debt crisis, according to International Investment Advisers....

Saeromi Shin,


Korean Stocks a 'Compelling Alternative' Amid Slump, Seggerman Says
Korea’s stock market is a “very compelling alternate” to the U.S. and Europe amid the sovereign debt crisis that drove global stocks lower, according to International Investment Advisers.  The 759 companies in South Korea’s benchmark Kospi index trade at 9.8 times estimated earnings, the....

Saeromi Shin,
Bloomberg News


South Korea Stocks to Erase Losses, Seggerman Says
South Korean stocks will erase this year’s losses and return to records in 2010 as low valuations lure investors, outweighing concern about European deficits and slower lending in China, International Investment Advisers said....

Saeromi Shin,
Bloomberg News


KOSPI Likely to Regain 2007 Level
The stock market will hit levels reached during the 2007 rally and the local currency will continue strengthening against the dollar this year, an international hedge fund manager investing in Seoul said Sunday.  Korea International Investment Fund manager Henry Seggerman said in an interview....

Jayoung Yoon,
The Korea Times


Korea’s Kospi to Reach Highs in 2010, Seggerman Says
South Korea’s benchmark Kospi index may set a new high next year, helped by an economic expansion and growth by exporters including technology companies, International Investment Advisers said.  The Kospi may breach its Nov. 1, 2007 intraday record of 2,085.45 next year, said Henry Seggerman....

Bernard Lo,
Bloomberg Television


KIIF Yields Rich Pickings From the Korean Market
Against a backdrop of bullish predictions for the KOSPI index, Seggerman's stock-picking strategy for the Korean International Investment Fund looks set to maintain rich rewards...

Claire Makin,
Asia Hedge


KOSPI May Hit New Historical High
The Korean stock market is expected to maintain its momentum to reach a new historical high this year on ample liquidity, solid corporate earnings and strong exports, a head of an international equity fund said....

Lee Hyo-sik,
The Korea Times


Wall Street Investor Discusses Korea's $20,000 Per Capita Income Goal
Wall Street investor discusses Korea's $20,000 per capita income goal. On April 21, 2005, Henry Seggerman, the CEO of International Investment Advisers, made a keynote speech on "The Road Map to $20,000 GDP Per Capita Income" at the Korea Society in New York....

Baik-kyu Lee,
Money Today


Positive Political Impact on Korea's Economy
After the Constitutional Court's recent ruling against moving Korea's capital to another city, Wall Street viewed the impact of the ruling on the macroeconomy and on the stock market as insignificant and short-lived.

Jung Mong So
Seoul Economy Daily


Video: South Korean Stocks  (best in Explorer)
Henry Seggerman talks about South Korea's export growth, fiscal policy and his investment strategy for the country's stock....

Catherine Yang,
Bloomberg Television


Interview with Money Today
My view of the Korean market remains positive for the next several months since the Korean government is proactively implementing market-boosting measures.....

Sung-Hee Kwon,
Money Today


Video: South Korean Stocks  (best in Explorer)
Henry Seggerman, president and chief executive of International Investment Advisers, talks with Bloomberg's Bernard Lo from New York about South Korea's exports and industrial production in July, factors affecting consumer sentiment in the nation and his views of South Korean stocks....

Bernard Lo,
Bloomberg Television

2004.8.20 Wall Street Pundits Cautious Over Korean Recovery
Seoul shares have been on a steep upward curve lately, and if stock prices are to be taken as a leading indicator, that is surely a sign that an overall economic recovery cannot be far behind. Not so fast, Wall Street pundits say.  The Chosun Ilbo on Wednesday (local...
Chosun Ilbo


Domestic Blue Chips are Promising for Investment
Foreign investors anticipate that domestic demand will recover towards the end of this year. Henry Seggerman, the President of US-based IIA (International Investment Advisers), expressed the sentiments of foreign investors in an interview today ...

Won-Ki Kim,


The Urgency of Labor Law Reform
My view of the Korean market remains positive for the next several months since the Korean government is proactively implementing market-boosting measures.....

Gwangchul Go,
Economic Daily


KOSPI Will Reach 1,000 in 2004
The main reason that Korean individual investors mistrust Korean stock market is problematic fund management by institutional investors in the past. Henry Seggerman, the President of IIA, which focuses on Korean stock market said in 2000.......

The Korea Times


What do Investors think of him?
These are pivotal times in Korea. With scandals and a new, not entirely predictable government, Steven Irvine asked some major investors for their views.....

Steven Irvine,
Finance/Asia Magazine


Foreign Investment
What’s your view on North Korea nuclear issue as an investor?..The North Korea issue does affect foreign investors but I don’t think it will have any impact on Korean economy. North Korea has stated that they will not develop nuclear weapons, and I believe this is true.....

Jin-gun Chung,
Maeil Business Newspaper